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  Chan in Everyday Life
Facing Predicaments and Overcoming Obstacles
There are no real difficulties in life. If you resolve to face difficulties, they are no longer a problem.
Being Content with a Simple Life and Seeking Inner Peace
By lessening our greed and desires, we nurture peace within. While extending that inner peace to other people and nature, we can help purify the human world.
Living in the Present
Live in the present moment, and make good use of your time then you will realize how to make the greatest use of time in a busy schedule.
Career Planning from the Buddhist Perspective
Set a direction according to your inner and acquired resources stand firm, and you will make your way in the path of life.
Transcending All Circumstances We Encounter in Life and Being Happy and at Ease
With an open and broadened mind, one would not be disturbed by the environment. When you apply wisdom and make an effort to improve your environment—you will be at peace and every day will be a good day.
The Art of Letting go in Daily Life
When one lets go of the desire for wealth, power, and prestige, one can truly begin to accumulate merit and wisdom.
How to Deal with Setbacks
Dreams are important, but we must accept our limitations and the consequence as the result of karma, yet still do our best. In this way, we will enjoy peace of mind and have wisdom.
Easy Methods for Calming Our Body and Mind
We can successfully calm our body and mind by applying Buddhist ideas or using simple methods such as following the breath and reciting the Buddha’s name, both regularly and in our free time.
Practice and Leisure
Practice, unlike recreation, allows us to put aside our daily worries and truly enjoy relaxation, refreshment, and peace. After a stressful week at work, a good method of practice can fully restore the ease of our body and mind.
Balancing Needs and Wants
Endless pursuit of material desire makes our life stressful and miserable and endangers our environment. Living a simple, contented life keeps our body and mind at peace and brings health and happiness.
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