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  Chan Meditation
Enlightenment vs. Seeing the True Nature of One’s Mind
Enlightenment is when all efforts made in cultivating wisdom, improving one’s character, and lessening vexations come into fruition.
The Difference Between Gradual Enlightenment and Sudden Enlightenment
The goal of both sudden and gradual enlightenment is to understand Buddha-nature. For one who is enlightened, practice is still important.
Deriving Wisdom from Concentration
Spiritual practice can calm the mind, which could then give rise to wisdom.
The Function of Meditation
Through meditation, one can attain health, intelligence, and a sound character.
The Methods of Meditation
Sitting meditation is not only a method of Chan practice but also the best way to calm the mind and achieve meditative concentration.
How to Achieve the State of One Mind
Recitation of the Buddha’s name is a practice advocated by all schools in Chinese Buddhism. When it is practiced correctly, it will bring peace in the body and mind.
Individual and Group Cultivation
Group cultivation enables us to enjoy steady growth in a safe environment.
The Three Stages of Chan Practice
When you emerge from the absorbed, meditative state after realizing no-self, you see everything as before, but with a calm, undisturbed mind.
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