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The Meaning of Work
Aside from earning a salary, a job helps us grow and provides us with a way to coexist with the world.
How to be Happy and Joyful While Being Busy and Tired
Through hard work and helping others, we are accumulating wisdom and merit. With this understanding, we will be happy and joyful while we may be busy and tired due to work.
The Way to a Harmonious Working Environment
At the office, avoid comparing yourself with others. Just work wholeheartedly and contribute to the group by being thoughtful of others.
Balance Between Self-reproach and Responsibility
Instead of demolishing oneself in self-reproach, simply accept responsibility and do your best. When you inevitably make mistakes, repent and improve it the next time. This is the “right effort.”
Upholding Honesty in the Workplace
Honesty and honorable reputation are qualities that allow businesses to last and grow. The same is true for religions and individuals.
Healthy Competition
Positive competition focuses on growing spiritually and benefiting others instead of contending with others over gain or fame.
Establishing the Correct Mindset for Seeking Employment
Instead of choosing jobs try to adapt to conditions and work hard at any job you have. If possible, further your training; otherwise, work patiently until conditions are right for a change.
Rush But Not Hasty
When accomplishing life’s endless task, learn to work quickly with no worries. Prioritize and deal with things one at a time in a speedy manner while keeping a relaxed and patient mindset.
Dealing With Adversity in the Workplace by Applying the Dharma
Avoid being arrogant in favorable circumstances, or being disheartened when facing adversity.
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