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Buddhism and family life
Don’t constantly emphasize your virtues and blot out those of others. This is the way to have a harmonious husband-wife relationship.
Effective communication between married couples
Understand your partner through deep listening and with appreciation, then you will have a family in harmony.
Relationship with the in-laws
See other people as bodhisattvas and yourself as an ordinary sentient being; then you won’t have trouble getting along with others.
The correct view of love
Emotions can bring disaster to yourself and others. So when emotions are about to surface, meditation or chanting Amitabha Buddha can help you quell them.
Dealing with love, hatred, passion and resentment
How do we resolve love and anger due to strong attachment? We should view our feelings as the working of causes and conditions, i.e. if conditions come together, there will be union; and if conditions disperse, separation will be inevitable.
How to enhance and purify love
True love asks for nothing in return and is pure. It is called compassion in Buddhism.
How to lead a proper emotional life
If you can care for people you love with the mindset of fellow practitioners, a lot of emotional issues can be avoided.
How to pursue a bright, happy, and fulfilling marriage
Aside from respecting and forgiving each other, if a married couple can understand, learn from and care for each other, their marriage will be bright, happy and fulfilling.
How to attain freedom and ease in emotions
Sentient beings have passions and emotions, which are resulted from self-centeredness. If we can harmonize emotion and rationality and raise them to a state free of self-centeredness, then we have compassion and wisdom.
How to get teenagers to change their ways?
It is natural for children to be active and energetic. It is the responsibility of parents and society to give them healthy and constructive outlets.
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