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Pursuing a perfect character
Being a perfectionist causes one to be pretentious, frustrated, and unhappy. We should be true to ourselves and admit we’re just ordinary people with many flaws, but try our best to grow and improve.
Introspection and modification
We should not fear making mistakes or getting criticism from others, just keep going, and examine ourselves to discover our mistakes and correct them. This is the best way to further improve ourselves.
How to establish the right sense of direction and goal in life
In pursuing worldly goals, we shouldn’t lose sight of our greater goal: peace of body and mind, a healthy character, and the happiness of others. This brings us closer to our ultimate goal, attaining Buddhahood.
How to pursue our goals
Aspirations for worldly success often lead to unrealistic goals. Instead, make noble and compassionate vows as the guiding principle to which you devote all your actions.
Buddhadharma can inspire the hidden potentials within us
People attempting to tap into their potentials may succumb to utilitarian gains. Only the Dharma will surely lead us to the cultivation of emotional balance, noble character, and ultimate wisdom.
The meaning and value of life
In countless lifetimes, we live up the consequences of our actions. To have true value and meaningful purpose in life, we can make compassionate vows to benefit others, rather than drifting life away.
The true meaning of confidence and the ways to build it
True self-confidence doesn’t mean knowing everything. It means knowing what you know and what you don’t know. Once you clearly know the extent of your knowledge and ability, you’ll become confident.
How should we cultivate our true self, the happy self?
Know yourself—both strengths and shortcomings. We must mend our ways and be humble about our strengths while striving to improve ourselves.
Development of the self—self-affirmation through learning from others
Spiritual practice is a never-ending process of self-development: Avoid repeating the same mistakes of others or your own. And learn from other people’s strengths.
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