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Young People

Young people are the masters of our future world, and represent hope of advancing world peace and spiritual purification. Master Sheng Yen had a profound global perspective and always emphasized the nurturing of young talent. Starting out from caring for all of humanity he tried to solve the problems of humanity, by building a bridge of communication among young people from different ethnic groups and faiths, in the process of mutual caring, understanding, and reaching a consensus. Meanwhile, he provided the youthful elite an opportunity to broaden their global vision, guiding them to “know the world of today and walk towards a better tomorrow.”


From 2003 onwards Master Sheng Yen started to promote and participate in international youth conferences and events in his capacity as a religious leader. There he dedicated himself to nurturing young leaders, guiding young participants to engage in in-depth thinking and self-expression, to extend loving care to all humanity, and to reflect on the kind of individual contributions they can make to the world and the future, and how to realize the protection of spiritual environment and advance world peace. He would guide them in putting forward concepts and approaches to effectively uplift the character of humanity, and they would discuss feasible action plans to resolve the problems human beings encounter.


Working towards World Peace

“Advancing World Peace” was the topic Master Sheng Yen taught at the youth activities. During those gatherings, young leaders from around the world from various cultural backgrounds would meet to come to understand the differences between them, identify issues of mutual concern, build a consensus, enhance opportunities for collaboration between races, men and women, and ethnic groups, thereby discovering a path for the youth to create world peace. In 2003, Master Sheng Yen attended the first preparatory meeting for the World Youth Peace Summit, held in Kyoto, Japan. Among the discussion topics were young people’s health and well-being, the terms and definition of leadership, definition and views on peace, and violence and conflict. Promotional plans were also formulated, to invite youth leaders around the globe to join in the efforts to promote world peace.


In 2004, Master Sheng Yen led a delegation of six Taiwanese outstanding youth representatives to Bangkok to take part in the Asia Pacific World Youth Peace Summit, organized by the World Council of Religious Leaders, where they met over 700 outstanding young people from 39 countries, to discuss and propose plans for enhancing peace, and to establish a global collaborative network.


Under Master Sheng Yen’s guidance, in recent years, Dharma Drum Mountain international and youth oriented Dharma sharing activities have become an important policy. Since the establishment of the Young People Development Department in 2005, Dharma Drum Mountain has also initiated international meetings. In 2006, Dharma Drum Mountain and the Global Peace Initiative of Women co-organized the Young Leaders Peace Council, held at the Dharma Drum Retreat Center, New York, which witnessed 75 young leaders from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa working together to enhance world peace. This was the first time Dharma Drum Mountain organized an international forum together with an international non-profit organization in the United States. After the event, the Master led 15 youth representatives to New York where they took part in the UN Global Youth Leadership Summit, opening up an opportunity for global collaboration and interaction.


In 2007 a group of monastics from the Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha and six young people participated in the Sudan Youth Peace Dialogue organized by Young Leaders Peace Council, which was held in Kenya, where a delegation of 40 young Sudanese people met with some twenty young people from Taiwan, the US, Japan, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Uganda to discuss solutions to the problems in Sudan caused by the Sudanese civil war. Although Master Sheng Yen was unable to be present at the Dialogue in person, through his opening remarks he urged the young people to face all problems in peace, and to seek ways of reconciliation, as the best path in facing conflict.



Nurturing youth in order to contribute to society and serve the people

Young people today live in a global village, and they pursue global co-existence and shared prosperity. The Master urged young people to learn to tolerate and respect cultural differences, identify with shared global ethical values, and to establish a joyful, peaceful, and harmonious world based on the values of contributing to society and serving others. Meanwhile, they should set clear life goals and a direction, and work hard to self-actualization. The Master’s expectations and vision has inspired compassion towards themselves and others in young people, and has brought hope and vitality to society and the world, conveying aspirations for a pure land on earth and the ideal of peace to be passed down from generation to generation.



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