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Framework of Dharma Drum Mountain’s Vision
Vision To spread Chinese Chan Buddhism, with Protecting the Spiritual Environment at the core. To achieve the purification of the world through the Threefold Education
Common Ethos Vision Uplift the character of humanity and build a pure land on Earth
Spirit Give of ourselves for the benefit of all
Direction Return to the original intention of the Buddha and work for the purification of the world

Approach Promote comprehensive education and extend loving care to all

Approach The Threefold Education Extensive Academic Education, Extensive Public Buddhist Education, and Extensive Social Care Education
Implementation Common Endeavor of Buddhists

Have faith in the Buddha, follow the Dharma, respect the Sangha;
The Three Jewels are a bright lamp shining throughout eternity.
Uplift the character of humanity
And build a pure land on Earth
Being grateful, repaying kindness: this is first;
Benefit others and you benefit yourself.
Foremost is to exert your wholehearted effort
Without measuring more or less.
Kindness and compassion have no enemies,
And wisdom engenders no vexations.
The busy make the most of time;
The diligent enjoy the best of health.
In broadly sowing the fields of merit,
Why fear any hardship or rebuke?
Those who give selflessly are blessed;
Those who do good deeds are happy.
In every moment feel the joy of the Dharma,
And abide in the bliss of meditation.
Recite “Guanyin Bodhisattva” everywhere
And chant “Amitabha Buddha” without end.

Four Kinds of Environmentalism Protecting the Spiritual Environment, Social Environmentalism, Living Environmentalism and Natural Environmentalism
Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance

Four Fields for Cultivating Peace: peace of mind, body, family, activity
Four Steps for Dealing with Problems: face it, accept it, deal with it, let it go
Four Guidelines for Dealing with Desires:
Our wants are many. Our needs are few. Pursue only what you can and should acquire. Never pursue what you can’t and shouldn’t acquire.
Four Practices for Helping Oneself and Others:
Feeling grateful
Feeling thankful
Reforming yourself
Moving others through virtue
Four Ways to Cultivate Blessings:

Recognizing blessings
Cherishing blessings
Nurturing blessings
Sowing the seeds of blessings
Six Ethics of the Mind Family Ethics, Daily Life Ethics, School Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Workplace Ethics, Ethics between Ethnic Groups
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