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A Pure Land on Earth
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Ideals and Methods
The Common Ethos of DDM
Core Value


Ideals and Methods

DDM promotes the protection of the social, living, and natural environments based on Protecting the Spiritual Environment, by purifying the mind through transforming thinking, therefore uplifting the character of humanity and eventually achieving genuine peace and harmony.





The Common Ethos of DDM

Vision: Uplifting the Character of Humanity and Building a Pure Land on Earth

The starting point is uplifting every individual’s character in terms of integrity. When this is achieved, our world will naturally become a pure land.


Spirit: Giving of Ourselves for the Benefit of All

By giving of oneself for the benefit of others, one will not only benefit himself but also grow in wisdom and blessings.


Direction: Returning to the Original Intention of the Buddha and Working for the Purification of the World

By emulating the Buddha’s kindness and compassion, everyone can improve their own mindset and actions, and further help purify society, people’s mind, and the world.


Approach: Promoting Comprehensive Education and Extending Loving Care to All

Our aim is to provide education and cultivate talent of all kinds in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Education and care are two sides of the same coin: To provide loving care is to realize the purpose of education.





Core Value—Protecting the Spiritual Environment

Master Sheng Yen had been promoting this value since 1993, in the hope to guide people’s way of thinking, enabling them to face and handle problems with a healthy mindset, stay calm in any situation, be concerned with people and the world around them, and remain hopeful for the future.





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