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About Master Sheng Yen
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Legacy and Outlook  “The universe may one day perish, yet my vows are eternal.” Master Sheng Yen’s vows have been carried forward by others, ensuring that the teaching of the Buddha will always remain in the world.
Year Events


Earns the Litt.D. degree with dissertation entitled A Study of Buddhism During the Late Ming Dynasty.

Returns to Taiwan and attends the fourth Overseas National Scholar Council on Infrastructure.

Heads to the States to spread the Dharma at the invitation of Mr. Sheng Jia Zhen of the Buddhist Association of the United States.


Serves as the vice chairman of the Buddhist Association of the United States and abbot of the Temple of Enlightenment.

Receives Dharma transmission of Caodong lineage from Venerable Master Dong Chu.


Launches an English quarterly magazine, Chan Magazine.

Returns to Taiwan taking over the reins of Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Culture and Nung Chan Monastery by Ven. Master Dongchu’s will.


Becomes the Director of the Institute of Buddhist Studies at the China Academy of the College of Chinese Culture.

Receives Dharma transmission of the Linji lineage from Venerable Master Lingyuan and is given the lineage name: Zhigang Weirou and the Dharma lineage chart, the Starry Lamp Record.


Establishes a monastery in New York named Chan Meditation Center.

Establishes the Three Studies Institute at Nung Chan Monastery and the school motto.

Launches the English monthly journal, Chan Newsletter.


Establishes the Dong Chu Publishing House as a tribute to Venerable Master Dong Chu.

Ordains first group of disciples in Taiwan, marking the beginning of the DDM Sangha.


Re-launches Humanity Magazine, which was discontinued in 1961.

First English book, Getting the Buddha Mind, a compilation of the talks given at various seven-day retreats, is published.

Establishes Dharma Drum Publications in New York.


Establishes the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies at the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Culture in Beitou, Taipei.


Leads Chan retreat at Morgan Bay, Maine on invitation.


Establishes Dharma Drum Mountain based on the vision of uplifting the character of humanity and establishing a pure land on earth.

Leads a seven-day Chan retreat in Wales, England for the first time.

Launches Dharma Drum Magazine.

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